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Game Info

Age Range: 21 years and up

Player Count: 3+ Players

Length of Play: 30 mins


Kings! Ring of Fire! Circle of Death! No matter what you call it, the classic drinking game you learn in seconds and play for hours just got even better! Includes fan favorites plus clever, never-before-seen cards. Every card is unique!

To succeed in this updated version, you'll need to be quicker, smarter, and of course, thirstier.


120 Waterproof Cards

1 Rulebook


King's Cup Extreme is only produced in English. The game is 100% language dependent. You must be able to read the cards to know what actions to perform.

Drinking Disclaimer

This game involves drinking. You can use any beverage of your choice. Your beverage does not need to be alcoholic. You must be above the legal drinking age to consume alcohol. Please drink responsibly. Play within your limits and avoid aggressive behavior to reduce the risk of overconsumption and injury. You can always opt out of drinking. You can always withdraw from the game.

Waterproof Cards:

Fun Montage

Original Vs. Extreme: