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Game Info

Age Range: 10 years and up

Player Count: 2-6 Players (plus Team Play)

Length of Play: 20 mins/player


Adventure and riches await any swashbuckler brave enough to seize the helm and command a fleet. Wage war against rival captains. Build and upgrade your ships with masts and cannons to increase speed and firepower. Conquer islands and exploit the land to gain valuable resources. Navigate dangerous waters and avoid the ever-wandering storm. Are you ruthless enough to prevail? Do you seek gold and infamy? If ruling the seas is your ambition, it’s time to unleash your inner pirate. It’s time to plunder!


6 Board Tiles

10 Grid Borders

4 Grid Corners

2 Compass Spinners

6 Reference Cards

150 Resource Cards

55 Treasure Cards

56 Plunder Point Cards

4 X-Marks-The-Spot Tokens

18 Ships

18 Mast Pegs

18 Cannon Pegs

36 Life Pegs

36 Flags

3 Dice

1 Storm

1 Rulebook

1 Plastic Insert


Plunder is only produced in English. The game is about 5% language
dependent, with only one deck of cards that requires minimal reading during play.

Translated rulebooks are available, which also include the translated deck:

English (American)

Spanish (Mexican)





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